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A workflow is a sequence of steps and responsibilities that are performed in order to achieve a specified objective, such as a complete a to-do list, resolve an open issue, meet a deadline, create a document or release data.

The workflow designer integrated in the rs2 CRM module addresses both external communication and internal tasks and responsibilities. Tasks may result from information provided by field staff or the call center, or may be associated with internal processes in the ERP software. A clearly defined workflow ensures that frequently recurring processes are completed more efficiently and helps avoid redundant activities. 

Role-based workflows can bring transparency to many different areas, including purchase order and approval processes. Approval steps can be performed via e-mail, handheld device or directly in the system. 

Incoming invoices are often submitted for approval on paper. In the rs2 incoming invoice receipt process, invoices are automatically registered and scanned. Value limits determine the whose approval is required, and the invoices are automatically allocated to the appropriate approval track. As a result, lost cash discounts can be avoided, and it is always clear who has the invoice at any given time. 

Procurement processes can be handled in clearly structured workflows, from the initial request and purchase order to verification of the incoming invoice. Progress can tracked at any time by viewing the status of the workflow. In combination with the rs2 DMS module, procurement processes can be completed transparently and efficiently – from placing the order to archiving the documentation. 

The integrated DMS & workflow management system (WFMS) automatically creates a folder for each procurement process containing all of the associated offers, orders and invoices to ensure seamless traceability.

A customer requests product documentation or information about an upcoming customer event via the call center. The steps that this requires are managed using the sales workflow, and the responsible employees are notified of their respective tasks. These personalized tasks provide each employee with a clear overview and reminders of what needs to be done, as well as any documents they require to accomplish their assigned tasks – accessed via the DMS module.

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  • Graphic workflow designer
  • Predefined sequence of activities or freely definable workflow
  • Sales workflow
  • Workflow for incoming invoices with value limits
  • Order approval
  • Order management and order process
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices including reminder function
  • Contract management
  • Requirement request and budget check

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