Warehouse / Random Warehouse

rs2 adapts to your storage
and not the other way around

Whether your bin locations are fixed or random – rs2 supports any structure. It's even possible to manage different warehouses in multiple automatic levels. 

A random warehouse optimizes storage space and transport distances for maximum efficiency. 

To better support the scanning process, EDI warehouse postings can be filtered according to user, warehouse and bin location. 

The inventory program shows open inventories for each status, making it immediately clear when inventories have not yet been posted. Inventory preparation can be filtered according to picking bins in the warehouse if desired.

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  • Multiple bin definition
  • Batch management
  • Serial number management
  • Fixed or variable warehouse, (chaotic) warehouse
  • Management of several camps
  • Warehouse movements for each warehouse such as purchase warehouse, material warehouse, finished warehouse, etc.
  • Automated additions and withdrawals
  • Bookings from warehouse to warehouse
  • The inventory can be entered during operation
  • Convenient inventory
  • Determination of cost of goods and booking in accounting
  • Assessment of the inventory with any prices
  • various warehouse evaluations
  • Variable (chaotic) warehouse in two levels of automation
  • Barcode connection / inventory

rs2 Highlights