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rs2 offers industry-specific solutions. 


Invoice preview 
The rs2 sales module allows you to create an invoice preview based on a delivery note, which can be printed without using up an invoice number from the invoice number range. 

Invoice previews have a separate invoice number range and a separate invoice status. This makes it easy to identify invoice previews in the invoice layout. 

Subordinate articles and surcharge articles are even temporarily added to the order so that you see the same result as on the actual invoice.

Import order proposals 
When creating an order proposal, you have the option of generating a stock transfer proposal to better support distribution warehouses. Since this type of order proposal can be imported directly into the order, it allows you to supply distribution warehouses directly without passing through the ordering and goods receipt processes.

Copy the last order item 
Right-clicking on the material number gives you the option to copy the last order item into the item table. The new item is not saved automatically and be edited after copying. This feature is very helpful when the same item is entered multiple times with different dimensions or other characteristics.

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at a glance

  • Process control of the order by the company using variable order types
  • Management of blanket orders
  • Automatic transfer of offers to the order module
  • Fast warehouse information (inventory check and disposition) when entering an order
  • Batch / serial number pre-registration possible when entering the order
  • Serial Determination of the contribution margin per order item
  • Quick sales information about credit limits, outstanding balances, prices of the last order, etc.
  • Possibility of creating master data (customers, articles) during order entry using window technology
  • Convenient order monitoring, i.e. you can find out "where the order is" at any time.
  • Flexible and comfortable discount and price system with graduations
  • Information system about price determination (How is the price created?)
  • Free assignment of delivery and payment codes
  • Collection of representatives and commission data
  • Customers with multiple addresses, set items as a set and individual items, multi-part items and multiple units of measure
  • Bill of materials
  • Rental business
  • order confirmation
  • Invoicing
  • Full range of invoices and shipping documents, variable invoice forms such as collective invoices, monthly invoices, individual invoices, pricing in two currencies
  • Automatic account assignment of the outgoing invoice with transfer to accounting and posting
  • Customer and article groups can be freely designed
  • Freely configurable evaluations and statistics also with foreign language forms
  • Intrastat declaration
  • ARA billing
  • Determination of freight costs
  • variable parts list
  • Excise tax settlement
  • Barcode picking
  • Priority-controlled allocation run
  • Manual rearrangement of the allocation proposal possible
  • Order picking is possible according to the warehouse structure
  • Backlog management

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