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Let rs2 monitor your framework contracts with customers and suppliers. Boost efficiency through computer-aided receiving, automated inventory posting and inventory movement. With the rs2 purchasing module, you can even implement an automatic credit memo procedure.

Batch numbers on 3rd-party BOMs 
A third-party bill of materials (BOM) allows you to define products that are produced and purchased externally. Previously, third-party BOMs could only be posted if the components did not contain any items with batch or serial numbers. Now users can record batch and serial numbers for the individual items on the BOM. When entering the delivery note, an extra table has been added under the "BOM" tab that allows entry of bin location, batch number, serial number and quantity.

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  • Automatic creation of order proposals after the
  • Minimum inventory concept (MIB concept), reorder point concept (MEB concept) or simulation concept (dynamic on a time axis)
  • Automatic transfer of the suggestions to the order
  • Framework agreement with automatic framework order
  • Variable order texts with Word document connection
  • Several units of measure per article, purchase order in any currency per supplier, financial accounting account assignment with cost accounting, unit conversion
  • Prices and discount system with surcharges, internal order texts
  • Management of "customer-specific" orders, instant order inquiries
  • Monitoring of order confirmations and delivery dates
  • Supplier reminders
  • Order printing using variable forms or via fax and e-mail
  • Automated generation of the delivery note (as the basis for warehouse booking and invoice control)
  • In the course of stock entry, batches / serial number recording with expiry date
  • Computerized invoice control
  • Automatic booking in the financial accounting as well as automated payment transactions
  • Freely configurable purchasing statistics
  • Inventory in the course of purchasing
  • Demand requirement
  • Approval workflow
  • EDI control in purchasing
  • Budget comparison
  • Barcode connection / delivery note receipt

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