Management of rented and returnable goods

Management of rented and returnable goods

Whether you lend devices to customers on a business basis or provide services: With the rs2 rental and returnable packaging management module, you always have an overview of your inventory and its availability and can handle business cases quickly and flexibly.


All articles can be freely categorized and grouped according to your requirements. You can record individual comments on all objects, such as their condition or other special features. Of course, the program also has extensive search functions. All processes are clearly documented.

You can also use rs2.CRM and rs2.DMS to manage and call up all data easily. With the integrated workflow, you simplify the processing and control of all processes that arise as part of a rental service offer.

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  • Rental
  • Availability of rental items with and without serial numbers
  • Issue and return of rental items
  • Sale goods with prices & discounts
  • Rental agreements
  • Billing of services
  • Device numbers

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