Resource planning is
fundamental to success

rs2 provides the necessary framework. 

It supports a full range of functions, from quotations, job-order costing and order acceptance to commissioning and accounting – all managed in workflows, of course. Orders can be generated electronically (EDI) or manually (via data entry). 

Questions such as "Where are the orders?" and "What orders do I have open?" can be answered anytime at the push of a button.

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all Features
at a glance

  • Order-related contribution margin calculation
  • Automated EAN generation
  • Automated price list calculation
  • Automated shipping route (address labeling, generation of routing levels (e.g. DPD etc.)
  • Barcode picking
  • Order proposal (anonymous or order-related)
  • Bonus settlement
  • Chaotic camp
  • Approval process
  • Graphic parts list variants
  • POS functionality
  • Supplier evaluation / reminder
  • Multilingual article structures
  • Multi-dimensional article characteristics e.g. colors and sizes
  • Rental business, loan management
  • Parallel storage and sales units
  • Framework agreements customers / suppliers
  • Return receipt management
  • Drop shipments
  • Technician billing
  • Checking creditworthiness

rs2 Highlights