Timing and Capacity Planning

Scheduling and Capacity Planning

rs2 proposes a production schedule based on each production order, taking into account all of the relevant data, such as capacity, material requirements, availability and completion date.

You can even reschedule operations that have already begun. In this case, the actual time is taken into consideration and only the remaining planned time is dispatched. Any missed deadlines or capacity overloads that result from the change are indicated in a summary report and documented along with the corresponding operation or production order. This allows you to go through them one by one and reschedule.

The level of capacity utilization is displayed, allowing you to evaluate not only the forecasted lead times, but also the actual lead times that have been achieved, and providing a helpful visualization of the actual past capacity utilization.

Automatic allocation upon job completion 
Normally, when a production order is completed the next step is to allocate the finished items. With order-based or production-order-based manufacturing, it is also possible to automatically allocate the items to the respective source.

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