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An effective document management system (DMS) makes it easy to manage information and protect it against unauthorized access, as well as supporting quick and transparent distribution and archiving. 

Conventional DMS systems have no direct link to business processes, and require manual indexing. The rs2 DMS module is seamlessly embedded in the overall rs2 ERP environment. All documents are automatically indexed and coupled to the corresponding process, including sales invoices, orders, incoming invoices and business correspondence. 

Manage documents with ease 
Documents such as offers and sales invoices are indexed automatically when you create them. Indexing includes keywords for searching (context) such as customer number, receipt and date of creation, and the processor or account number for cost accounting. These criteria can be customized to your needs. Every document can be accessed from multiple points in the workflow without having to link to it manually each time. If a customer calls with an inquiry concerning an invoice, the relevant document can be opened either from the customer database or using the order information. Each incoming invoice is scanned and archived in the DMS module along with the respective context. Invoices are automatically linked to the incoming invoices book and the responsible employee can open the original invoice with a click of the mouse. 

Archive delivery notes automatically 
Signed and returned delivery notes are scanned and – thanks to the bar code printed on them – archived as new versions of the original delivery note. In addition to being linked to rs2 applications, all documents can also be classified according to specified search criteria. Structure your library to your own unique requirements and perform powerful searches to find the exact document you need throughout the entire ERP process. 

Never lose an e-mail 
With drag-and-drop functionality, you have easy access to e-mails anywhere the entire rs2 ERP environment An electronic quotation request, for example, can be tied directly to the job/offer and be retrieved either under the customer or the resulting invoice.

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  • Veränderbare Beschlagwortung/Indexierung
  • Anzeige & Verwaltung von Sammeldokumenten
  • Export von Dokumenten via Drag & Drop
  • Versionsmanagement
  • Individuelle Favoriten-Verzeichnisse (Drop Zones)
  • Inhaltsbezogene Berechtigung
  • Multi-Beschlagwortung
  • Volltextsuche
  • Multi-Check-In für neue Dokumente
  • Volle Integration in alle rs2 Produkte
  • Anbindung Archivsysteme
  • Frei definierbare Aktenbäume
  • Office Integration

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