Build lasting relationships
with your customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) is about more than just software. Effective CRM relies on corporate strategy focused on the needs of its customers and employees – with the right technology in place to support that mindset. 

The success of a new CRM tool is therefore highly dependent on acceptance among the employees who will be using it. The rs2 CRM module is easy and intuitive to use. Its clearly structured design can be effortlessly customized to your needs. 

With rs2, nothing stands between you and state-of-the-art customer relationship management. Seamlessly embedded in the rs2 ERP environment, the CRM module helps you more effectively leverage relationships with your staff, customers, suppliers and partners. It generates helpful to-do lists and supports your staff in their daily work by allowing them to define approval workflows, create personal schedules, organize documents or projects with the integrated DMS module and customize their personal workspace. 

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Contact management

  • Extensive contact database
  • Actions can be called up directly from contacts
  • Search function across all fields
  • View and input fields can be individually set for users and groups
  • Integrated duplicate check when creating and importing data
  • Complete contact history
  • Import and export of contact data
  • Extensive grouping and sorting functions
  • Allocation of priorities for individual contact persons

Campaign management

  • Campaign preparation
  • Target group definition with selection of contact persons
  • Simple control and coordination of campaigns including dispatch
  • Completion of the campaign and determination of response rates, costs, etc.
  • Workflow-based lead management
  • TAPI integration
  • Multichannel communication
  • Customer analysis and analysis of the contact channels

Project planning

  • Allocation of people, times and activities to a project
  • Project progress analysis
  • Freely configurable evaluations & free project structure
  • Different types of calculation
  • Pre- and post-calculation for construction projects
  • Liquidity extrapolation
  • Temporal delimitation of the degree of completion
  • Any compression with detailed displays

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