Business Intelligence
at its best

Direct access to all relevant company information is essential to survival in a dynamic market environment. Ramsauer & Stürmer's scalable, customizable solutions allow you to make more efficient, informed decisions and improve the value-adding power of your company.

Make well-founded decisions based on clear facts 
Quick overview or detailed analysis: rs2 offers managers a full spectrum of information that can be filtered and customized to offer the perfect level of granularity. Use the drill-down function to get to the root the matter at any time. 

Give your numbers a face 
rs2 gives you clear target/actual comparisons, graphical data visualizations, rankings and filtered analysis – all at the push of a button.

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At a glance

  • Traffic light functionality
  • Various summation functionalities
  • External data integration
  • Individual print layouts
  • Presentation of key figures

rs2 Highlights