Project Accounting

A clear overview
of your projects

Regardless of what type of projects you work with, the rs2 project accounting module makes sure you have a clear overview so you can manage them effectively. Deadlines, costs, revenues and detailed information are handled as a unit for each of the freely defined phases that make up your project structure. Links to other rs2 modules, such as financial accounting and production, allow for direct comparison of forecasted and actual values.

The structure of a project depends entirely on the approach taken. For a construction project, for example, the tradespeople, award of contract, budget projections and financial forecasts, as well as conditions such as cash discounts and VAT rates are all found at the base level. The integrated financial accounting module is directly linked to this. Any incoming invoices entered here are simultaneously assigned in the project phases.

The flexible analysis options allow comparison of target/actual values for any time frame, making it immediately clear when a project is off track so that corrections can be implemented.

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  • effective and clear management of all projects, regardless of their type
  • Tree representation of parent-child relationships of the phases
  • Connection to other rs2 modules such as financial accounting or production
  • Target / actual comparisons are possible in any time period
  • very flexible and individual evaluation options

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