Advanced financial accounting
for well-founded decisions

In addition to traditional account management, the rs2 financial accounting module also offers the ability to manage multidimensional applications. Data only needs to be entered once, and can then be shared automatically with other systems. This prevents the errors that tend to creep in during data entry or transcription and ensures comprehensive and transparent project monitoring down to the cash flow level. 

The software provides all of the necessary legal statements and interfaces for online banking, financial reporting and auditing. The integrated drill-down function allows for precise analysis down to the level of individual business processes. When generating partial or final invoices it is possible to select various transactions, such as automatic reversals or posting of cash discounts. Chronological links to the respective submission timelines is also a standard feature.



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  • Continuous drill-down functionality
  • Excel transfer at the push of a button
  • Financial accounting certificate
  • Internal cost allocation
  • Investment monitoring calculation
  • Capacity planning
  • Country-specific accounting zones
  • Multidimensional account assignment (cost center, project, profit center)
  • Standardized output formats (Electronic Banking, Finanzonline, ZM, Elster)
  • Project invoice
  • Project progress analysis
  • Interface to the examination software
  • Sales tax advance notification (UVA)
  • Partial final invoice support
  • Corporate consolidation
  • Different DB invoices (ROI)
  • Various valuation methods (IAS - US Gaap / commercial law, tax law, imputed / degressive, linear depreciation)
  • Multi-client function liquidity planning for several years
  • time-related dunning blocks

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