Financial Budgeting

Efficient management
of liquidity

Well-balanced finances are vital to a company's health. Monitoring, control and management of liquidity are essential to survival. The rs2 liquidity analysis module allows you to acquire detailed data for all relevant transactions, regardless of the accounting period in which the payments were made. This provides a clear overview and permits realistic forecasting so that corrective measures can be initiated with plenty of time to take effect. 

The liquidity module offers a number of different analysis methods. The annual invoice displays the cash flow for the next year, subdivided by month. Payments that result from assets are displayed in the short-term invoice, which is generally subdivided by week. The coverage balance indicates whether the ratio between available capital and required capital is well balanced in the long run.

A direct link to the financial accounting module allows liquidity to be determined with a high degree of precision. Companies able to measure and plan the flow of liquidity can make well-founded decisions with reliable results.

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  • various evaluation options
  • all incoming and outgoing payments for the next year are shown
  • long-term cover balance
  • direct link with financial accounting

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