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The rs2 cost accounting module supports decentralized budget and cost planning, making it particularly flexible. The entire planning process is handled independently by those responsible for individual budgets and then merged automatically. All of the necessary forms, as well as actual and forecasted values are readily available. 

The many different options and tools provided make it possible to plan years into the future or view hourly charges with clearly arranged entries in tables covering a month or multiple years. By linking this to the hourly rates, project costs can be calculated and documented automatically.

Multi-level cost centers and project structures can be defined by assigning groups and subgroups. The cost accounting report displays them in tree structures and automatically calculates the sums at each level.

Bank account interest is also calculated automatically, which makes it easier to create projected balance sheets and financial budgets. 

Accounts for interest paid and interest earned and the bank account group are found under posting control. Interest rates are integrated in the cost center master for each planning type and year under the planning years. Calculations can be performed using the menu or when posting the plan.

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  • very flexible thanks to the support of decentralized budget and cost planning
  • hierarchical definition of cost center and project structures
  • automatische Berechnung von Zinsen, die für Bankkonten anfallen
  • sehr flexible und individuelle Auswertungsmöglichkeiten

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