Controlling is
a key to success

Cost centers and cost objects are the key parameters for evaluating a company's overall budget. Where is money being spent? What is it being spent on? Is the spending achieving the desired results? These are the fundamental questions asked by controlling, and the answers have a decisive impact on liquidity and economic success. 

Although companies are not legally obligated to perform controlling, it has become standard practice due to the valuable input it generates for strategic and financial decision-making.

The rs2 controlling module answers important questions regarding a company's cost effectiveness, price structure and overall potential.

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  • Berechnung von Kostensätzen
  • Einzelkostenkontrolle
  • Optimierung Produktions- & Absatzprogramm
  • Kostenträgerstückrechnung
  • Frei definierbare DB-Rechnung
  • freie Hierarchieabbildung in den Bereichen Kostenarten & Profitcenter
  • Kalk. Buchungsmöglichkeit
  • Stufenumlageverfahren
  • Interdependenzverfahren
  • automatische Abstimmung zwischen Accounting & Controlling
  • Schnittstellenintegration Leistungsdaten z.B. Tankstellen etc.
  • Betriebsergebnisrechnung
  • ABC-Analysen
  • Profitcenterrechnung
  • Investmentcenterrechnungen
  • Prognose- & Budgetrechnung
  • Bestimmung Preisuntergrenze

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