With the introduction of the .NET development platform, we've proven once again our commitment to providing our clients the most state-of-the-art technology. .NET is among the most modern architectures available for business software and represents an important step toward our goal of simplifying our clients' daily processes. Our vision is to create a single system that merges the worlds of enterprise resource planning (ERP), document management systems (DMS) and office applications (E-mail, Fax, etc.).

As our client, you benefit from the advantages of automated data acquisition using a company-wide, service-oriented architecture. Easily exchange data between systems, save work with automated processes, or quickly integrate a webshop.

Customize your rs2 Workplace
Our mask designers have taken usability up a notch with a new design that integrates all of the available functions in the familiar tab structure. This includes not only the full range of ERP functionality, such as account and order management, but also the integrated DMS features and the custom collections of favorites known as Drop Zones.

As a user, you can customize the rs2 interface to perfectly fit your needs. You can also simply drag and drop documents from a variety of sources, including Word, Excel or your email program into rs2 – so there's no need to go hunting through folders and directories.

Flexible mask layouts
This new technology allows the user interface masks to be fully customized to the user's needs. If you notice that the order entry mask contains certain fields that you never use, for example, you can easily replace them with fields that are more relevant for you. Instead of having to navigate the tab structure every time, this information is then readily available right on the mask.

100% releasable
As standard software integrated in the corporate structure, the ERP system guarantees 100% releasability and keeps follow-up costs to a minimum.

Automated workflows
From order acceptance to billing – maximize efficiency at every step along the way.

rs2 knows no language barriers
The multilingual language module ensures optimal communication for international companies. The different legal requirements that apply in the respective countries are automatically accounted for in the software. 




  • ausschließlich Eigenentwicklung
  • 100% Releasefähigkeit
  • Mehrmandantenfähigkeit und unbegrenzte Userzahl
  • Modernste Technologie auf Basis .NET C#
  • multilingual (unicodefähig)
  • frei parametrisierbare Standardsoftware
  • Abdeckung der gesamten betriebswirtschaftlichen Unternehmenslandschaft
  • permanente Entwicklung und Innovation