A history of success

Many years of dedicated development
are the foundation of our success.


Noreja Intelligence GmbH
With the help of "Process Mining", a technology for the systematic analysis and evaluation of business processes, optimizing processes becomes almost as easy as it sounds. Therefore, we pleased to announce our strategic partnership with the process mining startup Noreja Intelligence GmbH! The company around the founders Philipp Waibel, Jan Mendling and Lukas Pfahlsberger will support Ramsauer & Stürmer and our customers as a permanent cooperation partner in the field of process mining.

JET ERP becomes the second Austrian ERP provider under the umbrella of Aptean besides Ramsauer & Stürmer. Close cooperation between the two companies is aimed at expanding the domestic ERP market and strengthening their market position. R&S Managing Director Markus Neumayr will be responsible for the role of Managing Director at JET ERP in the future. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Technology partner and new owner Aptean
After the growth steps of the last few months - the cooperation with Digu digital and the merger with Novotec GmbH - the next logical step followed. With Aptean we have found a technological investor and new owner who will support us on our way. Aptean is a US provider of ERP, CRM and SCM software. The globally active technology company has extensive Azure cloud know-how and a lot of experience in the transfer of ERP products to the 3-tier architecture as well as with WEB technologies.
Ramsauer & Stürmer Software OG is converted into Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH in the course of the takeover by Aptean. It is a direct legal succession. Markus Neumayr and Manfred Schmid will remain the managing directors of Ramsauer & Stürmer and will continue to take care of the management as well as strategic and operational matters of the company.

Merger between Ramsauer & Stürmer and Novotec
With Novotec GmbH, an ERP company (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning) from the city of Salzburg that specializes in the construction industry, Ramsauer & Stürmer Software was able to win another important partner. The software company, headed by Manfred Schmid, has many years of experience and expertise in IT and digitization and, thanks to its work with Microsoft Azure, already has a lot of experience in cloud computing. From April the merger will be continued under the name Ramsauer & Stürmer Software OG at the Bergheim location. Novotec founder Manfred Schmid becomes the second managing director at R&S.

Cooperation with the construction startup digu digital unlimited
The construction start-up digu digital unlimited from Perg/Upper Austria becomes the first sales and implementation partner of Ramsauer & Stürmer and is now offering rs2 business software as a cloud solution especially for the ancillary construction trade.


Austria's Leading Companies Award
R&S is pleased about the excellent 2nd place in the category "National from 10 million sales". This was the third time that Ramsauer & Stürmer was able to occupy a podium place at the ALC, one of the most important business awards in the State of Salzburg. After two top placements in the "up to 10 million sales" category in 2015 and 2016, our growth path is now also reflected with an award in the next higher category of the ALC.


Handover of the baton at the head of R&S After almost 35 years at the helm, Dr. Helmut Ramsauer retired from operational management at the beginning of the year. From 2019 Markus Neumayr will be solely responsible for the management.

rs2 in version 5.1.0
We worked intensively on the new software release for months, and in October it was officially presented to our customers: With the 5.1.0 release, we are offering one of the most extensive software innovations in recent years. The release is characterized by a modern, tidy interface and intuitive applications. Numerous new features, such as our powerful company-wide content search, further simplify everyday office life for our customers.

Salzburg apprentice & company of the year
Together with well-known media partners, the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce was looking for the apprentice and training company of the year again. We are delighted to have a top 3 place in the "Medium-Sized Enterprises" category and to have one of the ten best apprentices in the country in the company!


WIKARUS 2018 - Innovation Award for Ramsauer & Stürmer
With the innovation project "ERP4Cloud", Ramsauer & Stürmer took 3rd place in the INNOVATION category at the Salzburg WIKARUS business award, the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in the state of Salzburg. The project is also supported by ERDF funding from the EU.


Award of the Austrian federal crest
In October, CEO Markus Neumayr received the highest award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for exceptional performance in the Austrian economy.

Green IT
With the establishment of the smartflower (TM) - a solar flower that rotates with the sun and thus achieves an optimal level of utilization - Ramsauer & Stürmer is setting a visible sign for Green IT. For two years now there has been systematic investment in the production of its own, clean electricity. All roof areas of the company headquarters in Bergheim near Salzburg are already equipped with a photovoltaic system. This covers over 80% of the daily electricity requirements of Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH.


Austria's Leading Companies: 1st place for Ramsauer & Stürmer Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH was honored in the Panzerhalle with the ALC Award, the most important business award of the State of Salzburg, in the category of solid small businesses with a turnover of up to 10 million euros.

rs2 - 1st place in the Trovarit study "ERP in practice:
Open communication, customer proximity and the consistent development path have brought the ERP software "rs2" from Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH to first place in Austria. "Rs2" is also in the top field in the DACH region.

Office expansion in Bergheim - an investment in the future
The company headquarters was expanded by an extension with 600 m² of office space for the R&S team. The entire roof area is used to generate environmentally friendly electricity by means of a photovoltaic system. On Monday, September 26th, R&S Consultans moved into the first 300m². A total of 40 new jobs are available for employees in the areas of consulting and development.


With more than 100 employees in 4 locations across Austria and Germany, we implement and support our rs2 software solutions for over 400 clients around the world.


Austria's Leading Companies Award
We proudly accept 4th place in the "Austria’s Leading Companies Award" presented by Wirtschaftsblatt, KSV1870, PwC Österreich and TÜV AUSTRIA in the "Solid small businesses" category (< €10 million sales) in Salzburg.


Award: Best ERP system in the DACH region
Users vote rs2 from Ramsauer & Stürmer the best ERP system in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region. (Source: i2s ERP satisfaction survey 2013). Knowing that our clients are so happy with our software and with us as an implementation partner means a lot to us. Ramsauer & Stürmer becomes OEM QlikView partner With rs2 and QlikView, powerful and informative management information is only a click away.


Our team continues to grow – also in Vienna
To make room, we've moved to a new office at Cityport 11 in Simmering that will give us plenty of space for years to come.


New features and improved usability
.Net integration continues to open up new possibilities in document management and workflow. Special features and GUI improvements, as well as a completely redesigned DMS interface, take usability to a whole new level.


New headquarters!
A large, modern office building in Bergheim, on the outskirts of Salzburg, ensures that our 85 employees there won't be running out of room for creativity and productivity any time soon. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner This confirms that the rs2 software solution offers state-of-the-art development and implementation methods and ensures maximum investment protection for our clients based on the latest Microsoft technology.


Technological leap: .Net
With the introduction of .Net technology, we now offer our clients many new possibilities for automated data entry thanks to the software independent service architecture. Award In the user satisfaction survey (Source: i2s GmbH, Zürich), rs2 is distinguished as one of the best ERP systems in Austria.


We begin development of ERP software based on .Net technology.
150 man-years of development experience goes into creating the new rs2 software. This places the software on a solid foundation that will allow us to offer our clients innovative and convenient functionality for many years to come.


Markus Neumayr becomes the company's second managing partner.


Our standard software is branded rs2
Comprehensive modules are created for the areas of accounting, retailing, production and customer relationship management. 1995 Ramsauer & Stürmer introduces its standard software, rs1. 1984 Dr. Helmut Ramsauer founds Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH in Salzburg with the goal of developing business software solutions for midsized companies.

Ramsauer & Stürmer brings the standard software rs1 onto the market

Founding year Univ.-Doz. Dr. Helmut Ramsauer founds Ramsauer & Stürmer Software GmbH in Salzburg with the aim of developing business systems for medium-sized companies.