Project Workflow



Our mission is to simplify business processes. But every business is different – every industry has its unique requirements. Only a solution that is a perfect fit can offer long-term benefits.

That's why we don't sell an off-the-shelf product. We start by sitting down with you. We ask questions, we listen and we learn. You have a chance to get a feel for what possibilities are available.

Your processes, your workflow and your company's goals provide the framework. We analyze your needs and create a set of functional specifications.

Following quotation and agreement, we develop a project roadmap with phases and milestones. Then comes the fun part. We put our expertise in software development and in the many aspects of ERP to work optimizing your processes and streamlining the flow of information in your company. By the time we're done, the standard rs2 software has become your own personal specialist.

The next step is implementation: a team effort. Features are fine-tuned, and your key users receive in-depth training. Then, together, we launch your new system.

After that, our highly qualified support team is there to answer any questions you have and solve any problems that arise in day-to-day operation.



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