Are all topics covered and appropriately linked? What needs to be left open and adjustable for customization?

An ERP solution that transitions seamlessly between the worlds of ERP, document management and office applications has the potential to thoroughly optimize business processes. rs2 does exactly that. Built on expertise and experience, it has been shaped by keen intuition and a passion for innovation. The impressive results are no accident: our specialists are well-versed in their respective disciplines and have honed their skills through practical experience.

Our high regard for partnership shows in the way we interact with our clients. After all, a solution can only be truly successful if both sides share in its development.

This philosophy has guided Ramsauer & Stürmer for more than 35 years, helping it grow into a leading provider of ERP software.

From its headquarters near Salzburg, Ramsauer & Stürmer has won the trust of clients across Austria – and far beyond.