Efficient Management
of Project Schedules

Budgeting, controlling and billing all become much easier with the rs2 time system module.

Thanks to a link between time recording and project accounting, work hours are automatically assigned to specific projects, project phases and activities, ensuring a clear overview at all times. The expenses for each project can be clearly identified. The productivity analysis displays time spent on projects arranged according to categories such as customer visits, project management or training.

The workload forecast is a practical tool that allows team leaders to make optimal use of their personnel by compensating for peaks and dips in the workload.

In combination with project accounting, work hours are assessed per employee, providing the perfect basis for calculating profit margin at a project or employee level.

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  • Arbeitsgänge
  • Arbeitspläne
  • Ausschuss & Stillstandsverwaltung
  • Betriebsdatenerfassung
  • Brutto/Netto Bedarfslisten
  • Chargen- & Seriennummernrückverfolgung
  • Fertigungspapiere mit Arbeitsanweisungen
  • Flexible Schichten- & Arbeitszeitmodelle
  • Mehrstufige Fertigungsstücklisten
  • QS-Kontrolle
  • Verwendungsnachweis inklusive Ersatzfunktion
  • Vor- und Nachkalkulation
  • Work in progress (WIP) Ermittlung

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