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    Search engine for your ERP software

    In the different modules of an ERP system, be it in accounting, inventory management or in the CRM system, a multitude of different information is generated. Employees should be able to query these in a targeted manner and according to their job description.

    With Enterprise Search, the new data management solution integrated into the rs2-Suite, the previous search function has been expanded to include a high-performance and customizable content search and content preparation. The entry into the intuitive search mode takes place directly in the new interface architecture of rs2.

    The main advantage: considerable time savings!
    The Google-like search function makes it possible to significantly reduce the previously existing complexity of search processes in ERP systems. Employees receive the information they need within a very short time without having to know in which modules the respective data is stored. The search runs across all data integrated in the ERP suite and takes into account all results for the corresponding search term, regardless of whether they are orders, orders, invoices, documents in the DMS etc. However, the results determined in this way are not displayed unfiltered, but are related to the context and cause within a fraction of a second. A configurable rights management ensures that the users are only shown those results for which the corresponding data authorizations are available.


    Instead of a flood of results that spans several pages, you will receive structured and classified information within a few seconds, even with several million data connections!

    Precise control of search results When querying the search results, the respective program opens directly, which guarantees further time savings. Extensive configuration options allow precise control of the search results - for example, a rights management system filters the search results according to the employee's position in the company.



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    • Search across all rs2 modules
    • Structured & classified preparation of results
    • High search speed & delivery of results
    • Considerable time savings in finding and processing the required data
    • Comprehensive rights management for customizable data access authorizations
    • Call up the search result directly in the respective program
    • Search results control through configuration

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