Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management

The rs2 fixed assets management module is used to document and manage a company's tangible assets. Additions and disposals of fixed assets, calculation and unscheduled posting of depreciation can all be handled easily and transparently. The master data structure is flexible enough to include technical information if necessary. Built-in depreciation and revaluation methods can easily be assigned to asset objects. 

The depreciation methods support specific valuation rules, such as the commercial and tax laws of the respective country, IFRS/IAS and US-GAPP and calculatory by month. Available functions include the ability to draw data from the financial accounting system, as well as management of insured values, repair costs and inventory lists.

The evaluated data provides a quick overview at any time. Book values and current depreciations are well documented in the fixed asset history report and the inventory sheet. This makes analysis much easier and ensures that potential tax benefits can be utilized effectively.

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  • Allocation of an asset to several cost centers / cost units
  • Drill down to original documents from the asset account display
  • Different depreciation methods (performance-based, declining balance, linear, special depreciation, GWG depreciation)
  • Integration in Fibu and Kore
  • Partial disposals / transfers
  • Full disposals with and without proportional depreciation calculation
  • Attributions
  • payroll groups run in parallel
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Inventory for capital goods
  • Management of assets under construction
  • Logging function
  • Processing during the year

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